Secure Your Expensive Alloy Wheels

Rernault Megane Gold Alloy Wheels

Gold Wheels On Megane

Ok, so you’ve got a great looking set of alloy wheels on your motor, and they’re attracting lots of attention. That’s good right!?

Well in most cases yes, but there are some individuals out there who may take a liking to your wheels just that little bit too much!!

To give you the the confidence to ensure your alloy wheels are as secure as they can be, we assembled a range of high qualilty security products and services to deter, and defend against those light fingered individuals who may want wheels like yours, but don’t want to pay for them.

  • High quality locking wheel nut sets in chrome or black finishes – more…
  • Security marking systems to identify your property if stolen – more…
  • Wheel theft alarm systems to raise an alert if tampered with – more…
  • Tracking devices to locate any stolen property – more…

We will shortly be launching our full range of services and products to get and keep your alloy wheel in ‘tip-top’ shape, and keep your pride and joy something you are really proud of.

An official launch day will be announced shortly, but you can register below to be kept informed of developments, and to receive your exclusive invitation to the official launch open day, where there will be demonstrations and examples of our products and services, and some very special offers for those who attend.

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Photo Gallery

alloy-wheel-colour-change Custom Black Silver Alloy Wheels custom-painted-black-red-alloy-wheel kerb-damaged-alloy-wheel skyline-gtr-painted-wheels white-alloys-with-custom-blue-pearl