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We’re an approved fitter for a fantastic product called AlloyGators, which some people have never heard of, and others don’t know a great deal about them.

So we thought we’d record a short series of videos to introduce you to this great award winning British designed and manufactured product.

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What Are Alloy Gator Rim Protectors?

AlloyGators are a product which fits to your alloy wheel rim with 2 main purposes.

The first and probably most important is to protect your alloy wheels from damage to the rims if the wheel comes into contact with a kerb, or something similar.

The secondary purpose is to add to or change the look of your wheels by adding a contrasting colour to the wheel, which could be a complimentary colour to the bodywork, or may be pick up on highlights or details on some of the trim parts.

Or you could go just a bit, well…..bonkers and in your face to really stand out!!

We’re proud to say that they’re a British invention, and manufactured in the UK, and have won quite a few motoring awards, and are now being supplied all over the world.

Before we became an approved installer several years ago, we met with the owner / designers and instantly formed a connection

We like and share the same values and ethics and the way they conduct their business, so we were happy to partner with them.

Anyway, back to the AlloyGators

As you can see, they’re made of a tough extruded plastic which is coloured all the way through, so if they’re scuffed, they still remain the same colour on the rim of your wheel.

They fit between the wheel and the tyre where this tongue, for want of a better description, is inserted between the 2, without breaking the bead.

They come a 1 long length which is trimmed to fit wheels up to 22 inches.

We’ll show you how we fit AlloyGators in the next video, and we’ve got other videos to follow with what colours are available, do they work, can tyres be changed, do they fit any wheel, and lots more answers to common questions.

Keep your eye out for the next video and l’ll see you then

Bye for now


Professionally fitted to all 4 wheels in just under 2 hours

Available in a range of 15 colours, from subtle Silver (makes rims/wheels look larger) and Black (hardly noticeable), through to striking and sporty looks in Red, DK Blue, Lt Blue, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Green, Orange, Bronze, Gold, Titanium and White, adding style, individuality as well as protection for your alloy wheel rims.

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