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Rim Protector – 9 Colours Available

Protect Your Alloy Wheel Rims From Minor Scuffs

Occasionally little accidents happen while you’re parking or manouvering in tight spaces, and you hear that dreadful sound of your expensive alloy wheel scraping on a curb or something similar.

Well they say “prevention is better than cure”, so here’s something to prevent those little minor mishaps. Wheel rim protectors from AlloyGator.

Available in a range of 9 colours, from subtle Silver (makes rims/wheels look larger) and Black (hardly discernable), through to striking and sporty looks in Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green, Orange and White, adding style, individuallity as well as protection for your alloy wheel rims.

Watch Video For Rim Protection In Action


Silver Alloygator On Silver Wheel

Discrete Silver

We are an official stockist and fitting centre, and carry a full range in stock, so you are able to see the alloy wheel rim protectors before you buy, (as well as avoiding additional carriage charges if you prefer to visit us to collect), or wait while you have them fitted.

You can fit them yourselves or have them professional fitted by ourselves. We are happy to supply only and offer advice too, although they come with full fitting instructions, as well as a ‘how to fit’ video being available to view below or on the main AlloyGator website.



VW Transporter Orange Wheel Rim Protection

Orange Rim Protection Fitted
(Click For larger image)

You can see here, we’ve fitted some orange wheel rim protectors to our own VW Transporter T5 on the black 20″ rims.

Not only do the protect against minor scuffing and curbing damage, but we really like the look of them too, and they seem to make the alloys look bigger.

Of course you may prefer a more discrete look, in which case, they are available in silver of black. With silver actually making the alloy wheel look a little larger, and giving the appearance of a split rim in some instances, and black being hardly noticeable against the tyres.


Watch AlloyGator Fitting Instructions Below


The kit you buy to fit yourself comes with 5 protectors, so there’s a spare if needed in the future, but if the protector gets scuffed, the damage can be ‘shaved off’ with the special tool supplied in the kit which also doubles up as an attractive metal keyring (Watch The Video Above For Demo).

Here are a few more images of the Alloygator rim protectors fitted to wheels;


Contact us on 01743 466100 to buy your Alloygator Wheel rim protectors


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