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VW Golf Polished Face Alloy Wheels

Colour Coded Alloys

If you’ve got a great looking set of alloys, they really finish off the look of your vehicle, and can transform its appearance. But keeping them looking their best is getting harder and harder

With tighter parking spaces, more traffic on the roads to put you under pressure, salts and grit during winter, brake dust from better performing pads, etc, etc, it takes some effort to keep on top of them. So we’ve brought together a range of products and services to offer the ultimate protection for your expensive alloy wheels.

  • Paint protection glazes which bond onto the wheels clear coat – more…
  • Temporary spray wrapped finishes in ‘rubberized’ clear or a range of colours for winter (or all year) protection – more…
  • Tyre protection products to guard against punctures and keep tyre looking like new – more…
  • Rim Protectors from Alloygator to protect against kerb damage (& even cover existing minor rim damage) – more…
  • High quality wheel waxes for a showroom finish

We will shortly be launching our full range of services and products to get and keep your alloy wheel in ‘tip-top’ shape, and keep your pride and joy something you are really proud of.

An official launch day will be announced shortly, but you can register below to be kept informed of developments, and to receive your exclusive invitation to the official launch open day, where there will be demonstrations and examples of our products and services, and some very special offers for those who attend.

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Photo Gallery

alloy-wheel-colour-change alloy-wheel-repair-small Custom Black Silver Alloy Wheels kerb-damaged-alloy-wheel skyline-gtr-painted-wheels white-alloys-with-custom-blue-pearl