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"In this video we’ll look at the vehicles, wheels and tyres AlloyGators can and can’t be fitted to. Then you'll know if AlloyGators fit any vehicles alloy wheels.

AlloyGators can be fitted to any car, light commercial vehicle, motorhome or camper fitted with alloy wheels up to 22 inches in diameter, providing the wheel and tyre combination are suitable, which l’ll explain about shortly."

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Will AlloyGators Fit Any Vehicles Alloy Wheels?

The things we need to consider when assessing the suitability of AlloyGators are the type of wheel, the finish of the wheel, the profile of the wheel, and finally the fitment of the tyre on the wheel.

Firstly, AlloyGators are designed to protect alloy wheel rims, and are not designed for steel wheels, so your wheels need to be alloys.

With the wheel finish, most alloy wheels are a painted finish, although a diamond turned or diamond cut finish is becoming more and more common place.

An AlloyGator can be fitted to either of theses type of finish if the profile is suitable (which we’ll discuss next) but there are some things to take into consideration if you have diamond turned alloys, which we’ll cover in the next video.

Next, we need to look at the profile of the wheel where the AlloyGator would sit against when fitted.

As you can see on this wheel with no tyre, when the AlloyGator is fitted, the edge that sits against the wheel sits flush on the face of the wheel.

Some wheels like this one have a narrow lip around the edge of the wheel, meaning that the face of the AlloyGator would protrude past the lip, leaving a channel behind the Gator.

This does not affect the fitment of the AlloyGators, but is a channel where moisture, dirt & grime will collect when in everyday use, so something to consider.

Finally, the way the tyre sits on the wheel is the next factor to consider.

We’ve tried to give a comprehensive description of how we assess if AlloyGators can be fitted to your vehicle, wheel type and tyre fitment, and in around 90% of cases, they will fit fine, but we’ll always assess them first.

In the next video, we’ll look at diamond turned wheels, and things to consider, so we’ll see you there.

Professionally fitted to all 4 wheels in just under 2 hours

Available in a range of 15 colours, from subtle Silver (makes rims/wheels look larger) and Black (hardly noticeable), through to striking and sporty looks in Red, DK Blue, Lt Blue, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Green, Orange, Bronze, Gold, Titanium and White, adding style, individuality as well as protection for your alloy wheel rims.

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