Can You Replace A Single AlloyGator

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"This will be a really quick video, as it’s a very straightforward answer. Yes, we can replace single Gators.

Something to bear in minds it that it’s a little more expensive for a single AlloyGator to be fitted as we have to order a single Gator, otherwise it would mean we would not have a complete set to fit to another vehicle."

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Can A Single Alloy Gator Be Replaced?

Also there is slightly more labour involved as the old AlloyGator needs to be removed, and they are designed not to be removed easily, so it takes a little time & experience.

But if you’ve scuffed just 1 or 2 of your AlloyGators, they can be replaced individually, you do not need to buy a complete set of 4.

Told you it’d be quick

The next video will be a little more involved as we discuss whether & how tyres can be removed and replaced with AlloyGators fitted to the wheels.

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