Can Tyres Be Replaced With AlloyGators Fitted

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"Right, in this video we’re going to look at removing or replacing tyres from alloy wheels that have already been fitted with AlloyGators.

So if you need to replace a tyre on a wheel with an AlloyGator already fitted, in most instances, this should be able to be carried out by a professional and experienced tyre fitter."

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Can I Replace My Tyres When I Have AlloyGators Fitted?

When using the machine to remove the tyre, they would need to adjust the machine to run next to the AlloyGator, rather than next to the edge of the wheel rim, and do the same when re-fitting.

In some instances, with very low profile tyres, and/or run flat tyre where the side walls are very firm, it may be necessary for the AlloyGator to be removed before removing and re-fitting the tyre.

If the AlloyGators are removed carefully & correctly, they can usually be re-fitted once the new tyre is on the wheel, but before it is re-inflated.

The AlloyGator may need to be carefully separated at the joint and a new joining section fitted, and we usually have spares in stock.

We’re happy to advise and discuss any of the above with you or the tyre fitters prior to you changing your tyre. All you need to do is call us at the car care centre on 01743 466100

OK, in our next video we’ll look at what happens if you scuff your AlloyGator, so l’ll see you there.

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